Jasdeep Singh

Software Developer

Jasdeep Singh

Web Developer

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Hi, i'm JASDEEP!

Software Developer

I am a Web/Desktop/App Developer with experience of 6 years, worked on 12+ projects based upon .Net technologies. Besides that I have worked on front-end as well as on backend technologies which include javascript, jquery, Bootstrap, Sql Server and MS Access.


Full Name

Jasdeep Singh


21 June 1991 - Rajpura, Punjab, INDIA



My Achievements

  • Got a scholarship of Rs. 75000 per year in B.Tech.
  • Got a scholarship of Rs. 24000 per year in M.Tech.


Looking for a challenging position in a dynamic organization where I can enhance my skills and can contribute with my desire to learn, willingness to accept challenges and readiness to work hard.

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I.K. Gujral Punjab Technical University - Post Graduation June 2016

Post Graduated from I.K. Gujral Punjab Technical University Batch - (2014-2016) in Computer Science and Engineering with 66.66%, with Research in Image Encryption Security Algorithms. Link - "NOVEL HYBRID IMAGE ENCRYPTION (64-Bit) BASED ON RUBIK CUBE AND BLOCK CIPHER"



Graduated from Lovely Professional University Batch - (2009-2013) in Computer Science and Engineering with 8.35 CGPA -equivalent to 75.15%, with specialization in Internet Technologies (.net technologies).

12th Standard - (CBSE)

U.S.P.C JAIN PUBLIC SCHOOL - 2008 - 2009

Completed 12th standard from U.S.P.C. Jain Public School, Jamalpur-Ludhiana under Non-Medical stream with 85.60%.

The subjects studied - Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, English, Physical Education.



Completed 10th standard from EVEREST PUBLIC SR. SEC. SCHOOL, Moti Nagar-Ludhiana with 84.46%.

Work Experience

AppCore Labs (Chandigarh)

FULL STACK DEVELOPER - 25 June 2019 to Till in Service

Working as full stack developer on Margin Point project, an american company deals in providing Field Server Management and Inventory Management System.

Haryana Knowledge Corporation Limited - National Informatics Centre (NIC Chandigarh)

SOFTWARE DEVELOPER - 15 May 2017 to 25 june 2019

Working as a Software Developer on project - SARAL (A government based project to deliver over 550 services to citizens of haryana, URL - http://saralharyana.gov.in/), edisha portal, Digital Seva (Back Office project to control flow of citizen services by various officers of haryana, URL - http://edisha.gov.in/ ), SARAL TRACKING - (A project to handle all Real Time Flow of Citizen Files and Complete Reporting of all Services along with RTS timelimits to different roles officers of haryana government. URL - http://status.saralharyana.nic.in/), Auto Appeal System (AAS) - A management system to file appeals/ complaints of citizen to desired officers (http://aas.saralharyana.nic.in), WEB API's for SARAL Mobile APP with security - (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=app.antyodayasaralharyana.in.haryana&hl=en_IN)

Current Active Project - Haryana Digital File System - Currently in progress (Its aim is to digitally save all haryana document and show them securely to officers and citizens).


SOFTWARE DEVELOPER - 2 Nov. 2016 to 15 May 2017

Worked as a Software Developer on Projects including (Pella Website(a Company that deals with doors and windows in USA), Channel Mechanics, Digital Fusion, Channel Fusion).


DEPUTY SOFTWARE DEVELOPER - 9 Sep. 2013 to 1 Nov. 2016

Worked as a Deputy Software Developer, promoted from Assistant Software Developer, in Lovely Infotech - Phagwara, INDIA. The projects handled by me are LPU eConnect ( eConnect Link ) and LPU UMS ( LPUUMS Link ). LPU eConnect and LPU UMS are both ERP management systems to handle bulk data of University. LPU UMS is a 2-tier application used by university staff and students for all information needed with over 40000+ users and LPU eConnect is a 3-tier application handles University Staff, Distance Education Service Providers and Students all over india with over 1 lac plus active users. Both projects are based on .net Technologies with backend as SQL SERVER database.

NLCI Institute

.net Developer/ Teacher - Jan 2013 - Aug 2013 (Part Time)

Worked as a .net software developer and Teacher in NLCI institute as a part time work along with graduation.


In paper titled - "NOVEL HYBRID IMAGE ENCRYPTION (64-Bit) BASED ON RUBIK CUBE AND BLOCK CIPHER" I implement Hybrid image encryption algorithm by applying cryptographic and logical functions on the input image. This paper focuses of processing images with less encryption consuming time without compromising the encryption security. The output decrypted image is same as that of original image without any loss of information. The encryption process managed in this algorithm is 64-bit encryption algorithm. The another advantage of this algorithm is the whole security depends on one small size key, which is easy to manage and easy to transmit.

In paper titled - "NOVEL HYBRID API SECURITY ASSURANCE ALGORITHM" I implement the steps to secure API by applying cryptographic algorithms. This paper focuses on producing steps to make client server architecture secure, irrespective of the technology used to create the same. The algorithm demonstrates everything from login process to token creation, authentication, managing token expiry date to logout process in a very simple yet poweful way.

My Own Development

Web/ Desktop/ Mobile App Development

I have experience in Development of Web, Desktop and Mobile App Applications.

Software Development

  • http://www.supermathsapp.com

    This website is live in Glasgow, run by British Youth IT College (main website - https://supermaths.co.uk/). It uses the Abacus Theory, Mental Theory, Finger Theory tools and concepts, to help children learn and practise the new mathematical techniques.

  • outtm.com

    outtm.com is a website for promotion of products or website on windows app store. It promotes app in various windows store app desktop or mobile based.It includes live stat dashboard that defines how adds are viewed and promotion of products is carried out. Technology Used - ASP.NET, Sql Server, Bootstrap, Jquery, javascript.

  • Spices Website

    This website is made for promotion ofIndian Spices and pulses in New Zealand Grocery Store. Technology Used - HTML5, Bootstrap, Jquery, Javascript.

  • Ration Inventory Website

    It is inventory website for selling of Ration/ Grocery Products online. It is 3-tier applications managed by admin and used by buyers and sellers. Technology Used - ASP.NET, HTML5, Jquery, Javascript.

  • Inventory System (Desktop Software) -

    Inventory System is a desktop based application to manage selling of products at various stores.It is made for shopkeepers to keep track of their products sellings along with their budget. Technology Used - C#.net, MS Access.

  • Keylogger (Desktop Software) -

    Keylogger is a software to record every activity going on computer and saves it. It is security software to keep track of ongoing activities like - Keystrokes, Running processes, Block any website, Screenshot recording etc. Technology Used - C#.net, File Handling to save data.

  • Windows Apps/ Games -

    Windows Apps includes Windows Store Apps, Windows Phone apps, Windows Universal apps includes (ticy-tacy-toey, Questions , Swapy, Touch Fire, Touch FireDraw, Touch FireLight, Tap Car, Quick Race, Math it!, Word Power and 35 more apps with over 6 lac downloads). Technology Used - C#.net, XAML, XNA, Monogame, Web-Api's. All Apps can be Downloaded from HERE.


Professional Skills

  • 85% Complete
    Comunication 85%
  • 96% Complete
    Leadership 96%
  • 85% Complete
    Confidence 85%

Software Skills

  • 90% Complete
    Visual Studio (2005, 2008, 2010, 2012, 2013, 2017) 90%
  • 93% Complete
    Sql Server 93%
  • 85% Complete

Code Skills

  • 96% Complete
    ASP.NET/ C#.net/ Sql Server/ Angular 96%
  • 88% Complete
    Javascript/ Jquery/ HTML/ CSS/ Bootstrap 88%
  • 70% Complete


Making New Apps on Windows Platform

Making new, Innovative, helpfull apps and games is my hobby. Whenever I got time, I usually try to make Windows Store Apps basically for Kids and Students.


I love to Play Computer/ Outdoor and Indoor games. I like playing Football, Badminton, Table Tennis, BasketBall and many computer games.

Learning and Acquiring New Skills

I believe in learning new things whether it belongs to my profession or not. I Love learning new outdoor games and technical skills too.


  • Optimist, Team Worker.
  • A good learner.

Co-curricular Activities

  • Active Participation in outdoor games - Football, Basketball,Cricket.
  • Active Participation in indoor games - badminton, table tennis.
  • Active Participation in Gymnasium.


  • EMAIL -
      • jasdeep.chauhan@hotmail.com
      • jasdeep.chauhann@gmail.com
      • jasdeep.chauhan@gmail.com

  • ADDRESS -Sahnewal, distt. Ludhiana - Punjab.

Thank You!

“Ideas are the beginning points of all fortunes”

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